Our Story

Since 1991 we've been serving up the best beers from around the world along with no-nonsense top-shelf drinks and of course, Live Local Jazz. 

A rarity in a geographic region that is largely limestone bedrock, this basement of the historic Swift Building in downtown Austin had been vacated after being used  as a "holding tank" for the development nextdoor.  When the developer began digging out the earth to create the parking garage of their high rise bank building, they struck what is now known to be the largest archeological discovery of mastodon bones west of the Mississippi.  Those bones had just been sent to Dell Children's Museum leaving the perfect space for what is now the iconic Elephant Room. 

We didn't open as a tourist trap so don't expect any of those trappings.  "We open the door, we serve the people good drink and good music.  If they don't come, we shut the door."   That's our proud business model and we're stickin' with it!  

Our bartenders are friendly, our waitstaff efficient, but they don't put up with non-sense so don't bring any. 

If you're coming in for the music, grab a table close to the stage you won't wanna miss a thing.   If you're coming in to meet up with friends take a seat toward the front door.  You'll still hear the great music but you'll be able to hear yourselves and not disturb the listeners.

We appreciate all who come!  Thank you for your patronage!